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Portrait of a Woman with Sea Urchin by Abigail Ardelle Zammit


portrait of a woman 2Portrait of a Woman with Sea Urchin is a sensual and passionate collection. It makes the language sing and the author shows a keen eye for focused detail that moves beyond mere picture-making into layers of symbolism and metamorphosis. Zammit displays a capacity for speaking through masks, shifting personae without losing a coherent sense of voice.” - Bob Beagrie & Andy Willoughby

Abigail Ardelle Zammit was born in Malta and has lived on the island most of her life. She is a lecturer in English literature and Creative Writing and has recently completed a PhD in Creative Writing (Lancaster, UK).  Her first collection, Voices from the Land of Trees, was published by Smokestack in 2007 and takes its inspiration from Guatemala’s violent past.  Portrait of a Woman with Sea Urchin is her second collection; through its recreation of place, memory and desire, it has allowed her to explore the relationship between text, body, landscape and coastal geographies.

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Portrait of a Woman with Sea Urchin by Abigail Ardelle Zammit

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