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Sentinel Poetry Book Competition 2018


Watching the Door by Frances Corkey Thompson

Poetry After Auschwitz by Phil Vernon

Mock Orange by Anne Osbourn


We are pleased to announce the shortlisted collections in the Sentinel Poetry Book Competition 2018 judged by Noel Williams.


In no particular order the shortlisted collections are:


Poetry After Auschwitz by Dan Evans

The Lost Saints by Gabe Hardy

A Bluebottle in Late October by Charles Hugo

Mock Orange by J Pater

Watching the Door by M. Scarf


The shortlisted poets will now submit their full collections for Stage 2 of the competition by the 31st January 2019.


Critical Feedback


Poets who entered the competition, but their collections have not been shortlisted, may request a critical feedback on their work from the judge. There is a fee of £20.00 for this in-depth feedback on the 20 pages of poetry submitted. Different terms apply if a poet wishes to receive feedback on a full collection. Send all enquiries for feedback to competitions@sentinelpoetry.org.uk


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