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Writing Competitions


SPM Publications Writing Competitions include the Poetry Book Competition for full length poetry collections and Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition - an international open-themed competition for single poems. In 2018 the first Short Fiction Book Competition will be organised.

From 2018 our two collections competitions in poetry and short fiction will be known as Sentinel Poetry Book Competition and Sentinel Short Fiction Book Competition. Three winning collections from each competition will be published by SPM Publications in 2019.

Sentinel Poetry Book Competition (2018) - The 4th Sentinel Poetry Book Competition starts accepting entries on 01-04-18

Sentinel Short Fiction Book Competition (2018) - The 1st Sentinel Short Fiction Book Competition starts accepting entries on 01-04-2018
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SPM Publications Poetry Book Competition 2017 winners
Molly Donachie
ISBN 978-0-9935035-7-3
Publication date: 30/06/2018
Tutti Frutti
Konstandinos Mahoney
ISBN 978-0-9935035-8-0
Publication date: 31/05/2018
Love & Crossbones
John Lindley
ISBN 978-0-9935035-9-7
Publication date: 30/04/2018
Read the judge's report here
SPM Publications Poetry Book Competition 2016 winners
First Prize: Gap Year
Andy Blackford and John Foggin
Second Prize: Splendid in its Silence
Jude Neale
Third Prize: Landing Stage
Joan Michelson

Read the judge's comments on the winners here.

SPM Publications Poetry Book Competition 2015 winners
First Prize: In Carvoeiro and
Other Sequences

Peter Oram
Second Prize: Portrait of a Woman
with Sea Urchin*
Abigail Ardelle Zammit
*This title is now only
available direct from the poet.
Third Prize: Cottage Pi
Graham  Burchell


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